To know God spiritually, personally, and collectively. To love God, others, and ourselves.


To serve God, humanity, and community. Whether you’re new to Second Calvary or you’ve been around awhile, we encourage you to get involved first in a bible study class, so that you can grow in the knowledge of the Lord, and in one of our many ministries so that you can grow in service to the Lord, as well. One of the mistakes we make in joining the church is that we miss the wonderful blessings of the faith because we never really get to know Christ.


The only way we can get to know Him is by spending time studying the word of God. Wouldn’t you want to know more about the man that died for your sins? Of course you would. Not coming to know Him means that He never gets a chance to become the Lord of your life and not just your savior.


When you join the church you join the body of Christ. The church is not just a place of worship and praise, but a place of preparing to render service for Christ.